Tortilla with Hummus

As the title says, this recipe is about tortilla with hummus. an easy fast second breakfast recipe. Easy to make and even to take with you on trips. We did this on the Saturday with Easter. And after riding on our bikes for an hour in the sun, the tortilla was a pleasant snack when we took some time to relax in the sun. This recipe is a favorite here in the house

So let’s start making our snack/second breakfast.

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Spicy Shrimps with Rice

We both love spicy food, we love shrimps and after discussing with my nutritionist Sara Grybos. She added a Spicy Shrimp dish to the diet plan. We can make it as spicy as we like or you can just leave out the spicy peppers.

Let’s start cooking!

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Apple and Cinnamon Pudding

A lot of people believe that once they are on a diet they can no longer eat desserts or sweet stuff. I was one of these people, cutting out the sweet stuff, the ice cream, the desserts only to find the cravings come back a lot faster. It is better to keep still something sweet in the diet, but natural sweets not added sweets. In my diet plan there is a lot of variety in meals and I was even surprised when I saw a pudding on the menu as a second breakfast. Today you can read how to make this nice dessert or second breakfast and why I need a second breakfast.

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