The stylish sporty side of me

I never thought I would write about my style, when it comes to clothes or shoes or what so ever. I am not your neighborhood fashionista. I would even say: I am missing the gene that would give you style.

But here I am today, showing my stylish side. The side not a lot of people get to see and will show some outfits as well. But not just some outfits, outfits that I love to wear because they are me.

I am the girl that would prefer 10minutes more of sleep than putting on mascara. I am the girl that has a lot of make up, but almost never wears it. I feel putting on make up everyday and taking it off every night takes too much time. Time that I can use better. And let not even speak how uncomfortable make up is while doing sports.

I am someone that loves comfort, will always choose sneakers over heels and will combine my sneakers if possible with the most girly dresses. If I go clothes shopping I prefer to wear a pair of joggers and a simple shirt. Just because it is easier to get out of them.

Unfortunately, my trainer told me last week that I had style when it comes to gym clothing. That my outfits look always nice and that I look good. I think it is not the outfit, it is how the clothes make me feel. A pair of leggings make me feel comfortable. I can easily move and they can hide some of your flaws. I told her that before sports my outfit might look amazing, but after it will look less stylish because my head would be as red of a tomato. But she gave me some ideas and stuff to think about.

How come I know how to create a gym outfit that is matching and looks good, while in normal life I am just a jeans and plain shirt kind of girl. I have the feeling it might have to do with the subconscious. I feel happy when I wake up to go to the gym, happy to work out and I am even getting quite confident in the gym. I don’t mind standing a bit out, having a laugh and make sounds like I am about to die while doing my bur pees. No I feel happy and welcome every bur pee with open arms. I feel safe to experiment. While in normal life, I wish not to stand out too much anymore, just to go up in the crowds. I wish to blend in, so people are less focused on me and I am able to do my own thing in my own time. Minding my own business, doing the things that I love for myself. Not having to share with anyone. The only two persons that has to endure my gym talk is Szymon (he also has to watch the circus show, once I learned something new) and sometimes one of my coworkers when he asks me about it.

But this was again enough talking and let’s get to the showing of a couple of my favorite gym outfits. I have a lot of leggings and maybe once I will write about them and give them a good review. But today I will show you just my favorite outfits and where I got them.

The first set is from Oysho. A bright blue leggings and crop top. Normally I would not show my belly this easily, but with this high waist leggings and a bit longer top it works perfectly. While doing my exercises the legging doe snot drop of the hips and no muffing top is created. The top is good for fitness, I can jump in it as well without hurting my boobs. But I would not wear it for running. Running clothes for me have really different criteria.

The second set is a legging and top from Decathlon. The legging is a midwaist legging, so I would personally not combine this with a crop top. I love the print, but I have noticed that the sizing is a bit hard for my figure. I have bigger legs and a smaller waist. In that case either when squatting the pants get a bit more stretched and will be lighter blue or I have to pull up the leggings every time. I choose the first one, so it is comfortable, but I would not choose this outfit for a stretching class, but just for some normal gym session. The top consist of two layers and I really like the orange top. However I would not wear the orange top alone, due to the loose fit and makes me look a bit like a square.

The third outfit, might be less stylish, but very comfortable. A legging from Gym glamour and a loose top that I got 3 years ago at the H&M. I really like the leggings, very light and thin material. How ever because it is thin, you can see every little bump in them. I started to accept my cellulite and I do not really mind if the people in the gym might spot some. In the end I am in the gym doing my work out so they should not judge. Besides that every woman has it, they say. I like this outfit, because it is sporty and very comfortable to lift weights. And did you already notice that I always have my hair in a bum? I believe it is not practical to do sports with your hair down. And with my half curly hair, it is really hard to keep them in control. So I brush everything out, make a bun and get to work.

My last outfit, is not so practical in the gym yet. However I really like the set, and maybe my body is not fully ready for it. I will show it to you all. I wear the leggings in the gym (gym glamour) and really like them. Tried out the top once too, but as a sports bra and I had a shirt over it. The top it is fine, but maybe less suitable for girls with bigger boobs. I bought it in a size m and i felt that it was too loose for jumping. Lifting however should be fine and the top can be worn in multiple ways. And yes the picture was taken after workout, so here is my “tomato” head!

As I said before, I might not have a lot of style of my own, but I really like buying workout clothes, match them, wear them and above all feel super confident in them. I was always scared to do some exercises, because what if I did not look good while doing them. Well now I do not really care, I have my gym clothes on that make me feel like superwoman. And To be honest, when I see myself in the mirrors lifting 2x 5kg dumbbells I can see some muscles and it makes me proud. It might not be much, but I see my body changing and I am happy with everything my body can do. And I can be proud of my body and myself. Even with the flaws I still might have, but nobody can steal the feeling I have when I am in the gym.

Which outfit did you like the most? My favorite is the bright blue one, purely because of the vibrant color.



3 thoughts on “The stylish sporty side of me

  1. As said on Instagram, blue one is just looking most marvellous on You! However I like all of them!
    I look like a grandma or 90s primary School student when I train. But I love comfortable and it does not come easily finding something in my size in sports clothes shops.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I fully understand. Comfort goes first when it comes to sport :). However I might look stylish in the gym, in the office I look like I just came directly out of bed in my pjs in the office 😅


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