Some time for myself

I needed some time for myself. As some might know, I started a diet plan, some trainings with a personal trainer. If not, you can read it here. I have been working out, keeping my diet for around six/seven weeks now. A lot has changed, because life is not static. Things happen and things change in life. Last week I needed some time for myself and to regenerate. I might have failed one week of dieting and one week of “more intense sport” but here is what I did the last week.

The first four weeks of the diet plan went very smooth, I made fast progress and I am still making progress. I kept to the food plan. This is the hardest part, the waking up at 5 to go to the gym is not.

Last week I felt a bit more lost, stressed and tired. So I decided to take a bit more rest, less training and a bit more eating of what I wanted.

On the Sunday Szymon and I headed to an Asian food festival. We had some nice Asian food, my favorite was the Ramen we shared. On Monday I went to work, ate all the food in my diet plan but no sports.

In the office we also just the desks around, thus I am sitting at a whole different location. And this makes me feel less relaxed as well. I noticed that I feel more stressed and as well there are more people around that are making noise the whole day. Guess I am not handling this very well. In the evening I came home, normally I should go for stretching but I felt tired and weak.

Tuesday another day in the office, no sports just the diet plan. I kept it and went home. After Tuesday my short “holiday” started. I had some days off to relax and to spend some time together. We stayed in the city, but I can tell now that I write this: it did me well. I needed this break.

Wednesday morning I headed to the gym for a training session, not knowing that this would be my only one this week. The rest of the day, we ate something small left for a walk and bought a coffee to go at McDonalds and drank it up a “hill” in our neighborhood in the sun. We came home late after walking a couple of more hours and we decided to have dinner. I made “healthy” pizza. We had some whole grain wraps, I added some tomato sauce, some grated cheese, some turkey ham and tomatoes. Almost all ingredients we eat normally on a wrap but now I just threw the wrap in the oven and called it pizza after. This meal did me well. I had cravings and I needed something less healthy. And this option was better than ordering food.

On Thursday Szymon and I headed to the shopping mall to get him some new pants and shirts. It went all very fast and we were back home under 2 hours. After lunch, we headed to the city center for a coffee and to check some bookstores. However, we did not buy any books.

On Friday, all stores were closed due to a national holiday here in Poland. We spend some time sleeping in and after we went again for a walk and later that day we watched some series.

Last Saturday we did the shopping and cleaning of the apartment in the morning and around 2pm we were expected in the south in Krakow. My brother invited us for a grill and we ate a lot of food. I guess we even ate too much.

Sunday was again a slow day. We slept in, did some chores around the house and some studying. And of course I was writing this blog while having a facial mask and hair mask.

I guess a needed a week off, a week of me time and a week of resting. Szymon and I spend a lot of time together, talked and laughed and got some new ideas for the future. I can say I feel ready again to take one my regular schedule and start training and eating 100% according to schedule again.

How was your last week?



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