Tortilla with Hummus

As the title says, this recipe is about tortilla with hummus. an easy fast second breakfast recipe. Easy to make and even to take with you on trips. We did this on the Saturday with Easter. And after riding on our bikes for an hour in the sun, the tortilla was a pleasant snack when we took some time to relax in the sun. This recipe is a favorite here in the house

So let’s start making our snack/second breakfast.

This is a very easy recipe as said, but I never thought about making it. I am happy that Sara Grybos added this to my plan and now it is a favorite here in the house. The recipe will be for one serving (one person).

What do we need?

  • 1 pickle
  • 2 leaves of salad or 40gr of rocket, I always use salad, because the rest of the crop will go to the guinea pigs.
  • 21gr of sun dried tomatoes (in oil)
  • 20gr of hummus (classic)
  • 1 whole grain tortilla (60gr)

Before I will explain how to make the wrap (it kind of speaks for itself), but I had doubts before seeing the recipe. As a kid I never likes pickles but the combination of everything together the taste refreshing and yummy. This snack/second breakfast is a joy to eat.

How do we prepare it?

  • Spread the hummus over the tortilla.
  • Wash the leaves of the salad and add the to the tortilla.
  • Cut the pickle in 6 slices and cut the sun dried tomatoes in pieces.
  • Decorate the tortilla with hummus and salad with the pickle and sun dried tomatoes.
  • Roll the tortilla and the snack is ready to eat.

This basic version contains 325.9 Kcal, 11.8gr of protein and 12.5gr of fat. You can also add some thin slices red pepper, some spicy pepper, normal tomatoes instead of sun dried tomatoes and olives. Or replace the classic hummus for a hummus with sun dried tomatoes or chili. However keep in mind that the nutrition values of this dish will change.

If you want to take the tortilla out for a bike ride, roll it in aluminum foil. After 1 hour in the sun we still ate the tortilla, they can get a bit more wet, depending if you took a cooling element. We prefer to take one on a bike ride, so all snacks that we take stay cold.

What did you think about this fast and easy snack? Perfect for between breakfast and lunch or just to take with you on a longer bike ride/ walk.



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