Bieg na Bagry 5!

As you all could read 2 weeks ago in my planned runs 2019 list, this run was on the list as well. Bieg na Bagry the fifth edition. I did the run last year with Szymon and did year I ran it solo. But how did it go? Did not running the last couple of months affect my endurance?

Last year April it was already hot and sunny. I just started running again and I felt good. Maybe very nervous for every run but I felt kind of in a good part for a 10K run and I felt I had endurance. During the run in 2018, I hated some parts and loved some parts and of course I has Szymon walking with me and cheering me on. This year I was alone, Szymon came with me for cheering, but 9,9km of this race I would have to run alone without a cheering person next to me. Just me and 650 other people struggling and fighting to get back to the finish line.

credits: Mariusz Wloch

Time to beat 1 hour 3 minutes and 37 seconds. Will I beat this time this year? To be honest I did not really care. I knew I had not put on my running shoes once this year for a training, I did only one 5K run (valentines day). I basically did not expect much. The time limit was 1 hour and 20 minutes. I wanted to finish this race with a good technique and no pain.

Before I will continue on how the run went, I just want to share this very not so flattering picture with you guys of me running in the last couple of meters. Because during exercising or running you do not look hot. During running most of the blood goes to the legs and the stomach muscles to keep you going, so all the muscles in the face relax and I kind of start looking like an old person. That is what you get when you normally have hamster cheeks.

credits: Mariusz Wloch

During the run I felt good and even happy (you wouldn’t say it from the above picture). I even felt again relaxed and as myself. The day after, now that I am writing this I still feel the happiness from the run running through my veins.

After the 5km checkpoint Every one km i walked for 10-20seconds, to make sure that my technique was still good. Which means, straight, good push, making my butt work, lifting my legs and keeping my arms correctly. This was the most tiring part of the whole run. Because once you get tired you do not pay attention anymore to the technique (as shown above). But I did my best, checked my knee rotation and I was running pain free. However on the day after, due to running with the right technique, I can tell you my butt definitely hurts so that means it was working and I was finally running correctly.

Around 7km I saw Szymon he cheered me on and he met me again around 8km and 9.5km. After the finish we met and he was as well curious about my time. I knew it would not be below an hour, I would be happy if it would be close to the last time. But after getting the results I almost did my first sub hour run here in Krakow. The only places this ever happened was in Lodz and Wroclaw. So apparently doing only one month of stability and strength training is already helping me to run better.

My final time: 1 hour and 24 seconds. I can only imagine that if I never walked it might have been under one hour, but would it have been pain free?

I am happy with the results and cannot wait for the next 10k run on the 27th of April. Most of the Dutch people will be celebrating Kingsday then, but I will be out running 10km through the city center of Krakow.

Do you have any wild plans for Kingsday/ this weekend?



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