Planned Runs in 2019

Since this is still a blog where I am writing about my running experiences, my travels and my well being I decided to share my running plans this year with you all. The year 2018 did not ended well, with having back my knee injury I could however not stop myself from subscribing to runs in 2019.

There will be some similar runs this year as the last year, but a lot less “real” runs, because I am still training my stability. The runs I did last year you can read here.

The first run, which has been completed by now is the Valentine’s day run. This was held this year on the 10th of February, less cold than last year and a lot less smoggy. And I am happy to pronounce that I did the run a bit faster than last year even if I have not been training at all the first quarter of 2019. That one is in the pocket.

The next run I signed up for (and I just found out while I am writing) is Bieg nad Bagry on the 14th of April. I always had the feeling that this run would be in May. Unfortunately for me it is already next weekend. Guess I should prepare for a 10km struggle at this moment.

The Third race I signed up for is the Krakow Night Run. This run I did as well last year, and it was amazing. 10Km through the city center of Krakow with a lot of people, the lights and the cheering crowd. It kept me going last year, let’s see what it brings this year. This race will be held on the 27th of April.

The fourth Signed up run is the bieg Swoszowicki on the 26th of May. I can remember this run very well from last year and it felt like hell. Probably this year it will still feel the same, but I will stay motivated because now I know what I will be getting. And come on it is just 10km and the third medal for my second shoe! Who doesn’t want to complete their shoe. If I start something I want to finish it as well.

The fifth official run I signed up for until today is the run in Zakrzowek. This run will be held at the end of the summer on the 25th of August in a nature park close to my old home. Last year I enjoyed this run through nature and it felt like a more relaxed 10km run. Let’s hope for the same this year.

So these are the five real runs. But what do I mean with real runs? These are runs for which I have to be at the location cross the start and the finish line to finish the run and get a medal. Nowadays there are also so called virtual runs. It sounds weird, but basically these are runs for which you can subscribe, pay and run in your own neighborhood in stead of on that specific location. I think this is a good idea, because you do not have to travel through the whole country (even though the blog is about running through Poland – maybe I should change that). The virtual runs I subscribed for are 5km runs for which every run will be for a specific region in Poland and the subscription money will go to animal shelters.

I will complete 16 virtual runs, for which I also get 16 medals. These 16 medals will form the map of Poland. This sounds very cool, but the most important is that the money will go to animal shelters and I have a good excuse to go running for 5km again in summer outside, to get my tan on. These 5km should be possible even though my stability is not the greatest yet, I am now more scared for the next 10km races. I was not aware that they were around the corner, and with only Personal training, moving, traveling and being a couch potato it is not making it easier to finish the 10km. But I will stay positive and do my best!



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