New plans

As you could read earlier I am no longer actively running. During my first half marathon in October I have hurt my knee, that every step as painful to take. This year I did subscribe for some runs again but all no longer than 10km and I am not actively training for them. I have made other plans – new plans. Want to know more? Keep on reading!

As you might know, the last couple of month I did not do a lot of sports, or eat super healthy. I did not have a lot of time for myself by traveling 2-3hours for work every day and when I came home I just wanted to sit on the couch or go to bed.

I skipped meals, eat easy meals, Take out was on the menu at least once per week and we went out for dinner once per week. By skipping meals, and when take out food is pizza you can imagine it was slowly destroying my health.

After my travel to Belgium I decided it has to change, it is hard to break a habit of food which I have been taken on the last couple of months. I was lacking motivation to leave the house for the gym or swimming pool. And doing shopping 4 times a week while being hungry, makes you not buy all the healthy things.

Even though my body shape did not change that much over the past months, I noticed I gained some weight, but most of all I gained some fat. Since I like to be in control and not my unconscious mind I decided to visit a dietician and to find a personal trainer again. I will call this little project (for at least 6 months): #helpAngelabackinshape.

The first Tuesday after I got back I had an appointment with a dietician. I told her that I have tried a diet before, but this one was boring. Boiled chicken, rice and veggies 2-3times a day. And everyday oats on hot water. I stopped enjoying food on this diet and that also does not motivate to continue watching the food. This first diet was in combination with 4 times gym per week and that all was draining my energy.

I explained her that I am lactose intolerant – luckily in Poland there are a lot of lactose free products, I do not eat bread normally (I simply do not like it, it always feels too dry) and of course about the products that I love to eat. There were questions about how I eat, at what times, how long I eat and if I like to try out new recipes. The last important questions were how many meals per day I would like to eat and during which times I feel hungry.

At the end of the session I had to step on the scale. My weight, fat percentage, bones weight, muscle weight and amount of water was measured and of course my BMI. The weight itself I do not really care about this number. This number is for me not that relevant, because I can remember that when I was very light I was not happy, when I had the healthy weight I was not happy and once I was a bit heavier and I was not happy. Now I can say I feel good about myself and I do not mind standing naked in front of the mirror looking at myself for 10 minutes. Three – four years ago I would have been disgusted. I think I just simply got to the age, that I don’t believe the number on the scale makes you happy, you just have to be happy with yourself. However, the fat percentage got me worried. I already told her in the beginning I wanted to lower my fat percentage, without knowing the number. Now that I knew the number, I knew that lowering my body fat percentage was my goal for this year. I know that in my family all ladies have bigger legs, and I am also well aware that for my the most of my fat is located on my legs. I now knew it was just not only in my imagination, but it is time to face the reality. I have to start changing my habits when it comes to food – but still enjoy eating, while working on my fat percentage to get it lower. I am lucky one of the people that all of the fat is well distributed over my whole body and it is not only in the stomach area, but this makes it as well more risky – you clearly do not notice it that fast.

One week later (last Wednesday) I got my diet plan and started from Thursday on with my diet. Until now I have enjoyed every meal, and feel less hungry in between. I am managing the cooking, but the first week is always the easiest. It takes for me around 40 days to make a habit but only 2 to break it. In around 3 weeks time I will have another appointment with the dietician and we will be able to adjust the diet plan and check how much my progress is.

But hold on, as I said I also went on a search for a Personal trainer. Because a diet plan alone is not enough to loose my fatties. I found a personal trainer and with her I measured every body part for the start, so we will be able to track progress. The scale is not a right fit for this. You might not loose weight or you might even gain weight well training, while in the same time your measurements change.

I explained my trainer as well about my past knee injuries after running and she made me do some exercises to see the movement of my muscles and which muscles I am using – apparently not the right ones. The last week I have had two trainings with her to learn the basics and get my body to use the right muscles for certain moves. Some of my muscles are to short – which give some issues with running and cause all of my knee problems, some of my muscles I simply do not use. Now I am back to training, two times a week with a trainer and last Saturday I also went by myself to practice some of the exercises. Training with a personal trainer will as well keep me motivated, not only because I pay for it, but as well because I am really getting along with her.

For now I will be sticking to my diet plan and trainings and I hope that in some months I will be able to share my progress in numbers. I might not mind the numbers now myself, but I do not fully comfortable sharing them with the whole wide web.

I will keep you all posted on the progress and I might even share some of the recipes of my diet plan. I already have a couple that I really love, but at 6.30 am in the morning. I am not really thinking about making pictures for a blog. But who knows in the next couple of weeks I will have time to shoot some pictures and share them with you.



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