Almost 6 months later…

It is almost 6 months later after my last post. I know I promised to keep everyone up to date, but I have learned that I cannot keep all the balls high. And it is not a bad thing when the shoe drops, because this blog is for me and for fun. If I do not fee like writing I should not. It shouldn’t be an obligatory. But since you are here I guess you want to know what I have been up to the last six months. So lets keep on reading.

After my fist half marathon I had a lot of trouble with my knee and I wanted to slow down a bit. I stopped training and running 4 times a week and just took my time. Two weeks later I did my first “mountain” trail run where I got to play in the mud and had some fun and felt like a 3 year old.

In November I went as well on a business trip in the Netherlands and got to spend two weeks at home with my parents who just got the cutest dog. I had some nice family time, family food and cuddles with the dog. It did me well, but still no training. I returned end of November in Poland and still did not really feel like running, I got a cold and felt even tired. Did my exhausting of the trainings this year finally came out? Or was it just the winter starting.

I skipped my second mountain run in December because of health reasons. Followed by a trip back home for Christmas two weeks later. It was Szymon his first Christmas in the Netherlands with my parents so it was a bit different than the Polish Christmas. We had some fun but after a week it was again time to go home. New year’s Eve we spend in Warsaw where the new year concerts where, which resulted in getting the flu by standing in the cold the whole night. Guess I am getting to old to pull a all nighter outside and waiting on the train station for the first train in the morning.

Early January we got a call with bad news regarding family – I will not go into details – and so the first half of the month slowly slipped away. We already decided that we wanted to move to a new place closer to work and Szymon started to look for an apartment. We found an apartment and early February (on my Birthday) we moved all of our stuff and unpacked all the boxes as good as possible.

And as you can guess, still no training or running done until mid February.

In December I was still optimistic so I subscribed myself for a cycle of 4 runs and mid February the first run was there. An easy 5km, the first one of the year without training. It was though, but a lot easier than last year. I did not have any issues with my knee and all felt good. Still after this okay-run I was not really motivated to start my running trainings again. I almost feel like a bear is my spirit animal and I am very good in hiding inside with my blanket during the winter.

We are already approaching the end of February and I went again on a 3 week business trip to Belgium. Here I did an attempt to do a 5km run, I am not sure if I managed. I ran only once. The hotel where I was staying had a gym and a swimming pool but I was never to be find in one of these two places.

Now that I am writing this I just returned a week ago. Took two days off and I decided I really have to start changing my lifestyle again. Certainly now that I have enough time to work out, eat healthy and focus on myself again. No business trips planned yet, but a couple of runs for sure!

I will try to keep you all updated – even if this is only once every two weeks. I cannot make a promise to post something ever week, because I would like to focus on myself and grow more as a person. I will try to write down what my plan is for the upcoming weeks/months. I kind of gave up on the planning for long term. Sometimes I am just already happy if I figured out what to eat for a whole weekend.



3 thoughts on “Almost 6 months later…

  1. Good to hear from you and don’t do anything you don’t feel up to, it makes you sick. Just enjoy what you do, it has to be fun. There are enough things that must, but relaxing and fun thing keeps the balance. Take


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