4th Nowa Huta Run

Now that I am writing this post, I have just come back home from a 5km Run in Nowa Huta. I am cooking my favorite Polish soup and preparing the lunches for the first three days of the week. Last week I was not running that much and took some time to get used to my new job. How did this 5km run go? And did I have any support during this run, like all of the past runs this year?

First of all the run, you are reading about took place last Sunday in the district Nowa Huta in Krakow. Nowa Huta is for me a part of the city where you can still see the communistic buildings and a part of the atmosphere. There is a PRL museum, dedicated to the communistic times and a walking tour that takes you through Nowa Huta and you can see all the old underground bunkers.

On Sunday morning I woke up early as usual, but not as early as during the week. Made me some Coconut Protein pancakes and had a nice breakfast. After breakfast, I did some work related things and got ready for the run. Took one of my favorite pants, a sports bra, and a running shirt. Searched for the right socks and had to make the hardest decision that day: Which pair of shoes? I decided to go for my Asics Cumulus 20.

Szymon got ready 10minutes before we had to leave and he would be joining me for the 5km run. He is never really excited before a run and is mainly only participating when I am asking him to often to join me. He is very happy that I will have his last run next week this year. And when we make a selfie, he always makes an unhappy face with an expression: She made me do this.


The Run was in Nowa Huta and it takes around 50minutes by bus to get there from our place. For the first time, I was not nervous. I was mostly hoping for the best and we decided to run together to have some fun. Szymon did not run for a long time, and I don’t really mind about the time as long as I am having fun and of course no pain.
We arrived, got our starting numbers, chips and our new Orange Tshirt. Normally, I am not the biggest fan of orange, but today it was giving me a mental boost. A Dutch girl running in orange – might look like a joke.
Bag in the deposit and ready to do a short warming up. The sun was shining and it was already quite warm.

12:56 PM we headed to the start. For some reason, my watch did not want to catch the GPS in the crowd and all I could think was: Fuck it, I want to have fun for once. Let go of the pace, the heart rate, time and distance. Just go with the flow. It has been a long time that I have done a race like this.
We counted down from 10 to 0 and the race started at 13:00PM.


Picture made by Dziennik Polski 24.

First 400meters on a running track, then off the running track around the lack, another and this around 3 times. every round was 1600meters, but de first round was made 200meters longer, due to the full race track. Off we go, running.

For me personally, it was a very good race. Maybe not time wise (I do not even know the time or am I willing to look it up). But feeling wise. Just running, with people that enjoy running, no thoughts, no negative feelings. Just enjoying the sun on my face, the water beside me and the people. Szymon and I were running quite a similar pace, but it was hard to stick together. When we entered our third lap he told me I could just run and I should not wait for him. I felt a bit bad but on the other side happy that I could finish the last lap at my own pace. Running too slow or too fast is for my body not always good. I can have pains and just running how I always run, does not come with any side effects. Except for sweating.


I approached the finish line, did the last sprint and finished. Got my medal and waited for Szymon. He finished short behind me with a sprint and got his medal. We grabbed some water, picked up the bag and got our meal package.

We decided to walk back to the lake and eat our food before heading home. On the tram, I felt quite tired, but happy. I am even looking forward now to my half marathon. Even if this is at least 4times the distance. I am getting excited and not really nervous. Still not sure if I will manage to finish in the best time, but for now, I just want to finish. Because 4 times this distance, might come with a lot more thoughts and negative emotions.
Hopefully, I will be able to manage to do still a 15k run before the half marathon, it might make me feel even more ready.

Did you do any sports this weekend? How do you measure your accomplishment? By time or by feeling?



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