Szklarska Poręba

Szklarska Poręba a small city located in the Karkanosze park. Is this a perfect getaway?
I have been there for one week and today you can hear my judgment about this small city close to the mountains under Wrocław.

For our holidays we visited already Karpacz located in the Karkanosze mountains – Day 1 & Day 2. From this location, we continued our way to Szklarska Poręba by bus. First, to Jelenia Góra, change here for a bus to Szklarska Poręba. But there is also the possibility to walk from Karpacz to Szklarska Poręba from Karpacz via the red trail in the mountains.

We arrived the first day in the afternoon, did our shopping for food for the hiking trips the next coming days. We decided to go for a short hike from our accommodation. We crossed a mineral museum and continued on that trail that would lead us to a Waterfall named Wodospad Szklarki.


From there we walked back, had dinner and prepared for the next day to start our first hiking trip here.

The first day we decided to hike to Łabski Szczyt and Wielki Szyszak/Vysoke Kolo. These are two mountains of stones which are covered by a specific kind of fungus strains.

We walked for this hike from the Polish side to the Czech side, up to these two mountains located on the Polish side.


We had a great view from the top, but a storm was approaching. Which meant we had to go down as fast but as safe as possible. Halfway down we got caught in the storm and ended up coming back soaked. We hiked almost the whole way, but midway we found a ski lift which you could take down. This is positive, if you are not much of a hiker, but would like to see these views there are some ski lifts that can take you up the hills.

On day two, our clothes and backpack still needed to dry and we decided to visit the castle Chojnik. We took the train, walked to the entrance of the park and hiked our way up. The entrance to the castle is 6pln. We could walk around freely and made some pictures along the way.



The hike to the castle is quite steep and there are two trails leading there. This time we were lucky and we picked the easier way up and took the other route down. Unfortunately, it wasn’t dry and it was raining from time to time. After this cultural visit, we headed to Termy Cieplickie. Here we had access to swimming and sauna. In the evening we took a train back to Szklarska Poręba, had a meal and prepared for another hike on Monday.

Monday morning, Szymon his shoes were still not dry so we decided to go shopping first and bought some new Hiking shoes and some Raincoats. We did not want to get caught in a storm again. Luckily we did not have to hike that far today since we would be staying in a hostel on top of the mountain Szrenica. On our hike up there we passed waterfall Kamienczyk. You can visit this waterfall behind the gates, but there was a really big queue and we still had 2 hours of hiking. I was lucky to be able to make a shot between the fence.


We continued and past another open field where we enjoyed the view. I am guessing that this is during the winter a ski slope. The hike was quite steep to get to the hostel, but the road itself was not that hard. No climbing, no stairs, just very steep. We arrived at the hostel in the afternoon, took our books and sat outside to read and enjoy the views. Around six we decided to have a meal, and the meals here were a bit cheaper than other hostels and very nice. We had Zurek (a polish traditional soup – recipe) and bigos.



In the evening it can get a lot colder in the mountains, so when the sun was setting we headed to our room and continues reading and fell asleep. The next morning when we woke up there was a lot of Fog and you could barely see anything from the window. We prepared, headed down had breakfast and bought some extra water. We decided to go hiking on the Czech side to see one particular waterfall which was from the hostel 8km away.

We entered Czech and continued our way down next to a river. Which showed us already a lot of small waterfalls.

Just to finish at the waterfall which we came for.

From here we walked the same Trail back and took another path midway to reach the spring of the Elbe and the Pancava Falls.



We came across a lot of stunning views and ended back in Szklarska Poręba late in the afternoon.


The next day we could have still gone hiking, but it was raining the whole time so we decided to stay in, read a book and relax before going back home.

If I compare Karpacz and Szklarska Poręba with each other my preference would go to Szklarska Poręba, the hikes might be less challenging but it is a lot less touristic. The views are amazing and you can see a lot of waterfalls in one day. And I am a big fan of those. I am glad we made the decision to stay one night in a hostel on the mountain because it would give us more time to hike on the Czech side. We were not hiking nonstop but took a break in between to enjoy the views, read our books and relax. We came back well rested and ready for the rest of the year.

I would recommend going to Szklarska poręba for hiking and see all of the beautiful waterfalls. The only thing I might regret is that we did not hike from Karpacz to Szklarska Poręba and stayed overnight in hostels. It would have given another experience to it. We as a couple loved this trip and would like to return once again in the wintertime to try out the slopes.

Have you ever been to Szklarska Poręba? Or have you ever been on a log hiking trip? How did you like it? And where and would you recommend this?






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