Running update

In the first weekend of September, I had two runs: Tesco Charity run and the Krakow Business Run. Now we are one week further and how is the running going?

You could read last week that my knee got sore during the Tesco Charity run when I was halfway in and the next day I still had a race to run. During the Krakow Business Run, it was also hurting a lot during the first couple of 100meters. And I was really afraid that this will bring me problems during my training for my half marathon on the 14th the next month.

The Monday after this running weekend, my legs were feeling heavy my muscles in my upper thigh felt tense and I was a lucky one that I did not have to work the first days of the week. I took a full rest day on Monday (except for doing grocery shopping and cleaning the bathroom) and tried to do the same on Tuesday. But I was curious how my knee was feeling and thus…

The first run after the run on Tuesday evening was just a simple 10minute run on low pace. I ran 1.6km according to my watch because I wanted to see how my knee was doing after the resting and using some heating cream. My knee did not hurt, which made me extremely happy. However, my legs were still tired and I could feel it during the run.

After the Tuesday short run, I had it quite busy. on Thursday I had to go to the doctor’s office for my last medical check and head to my new job! I spend most of the day inside the office, decided to not go to the Thursday training but I asked Szymon if he would like to join me for a short run, we both have a run coming up this Sunday in Nowa Huta (5km). I told him that we might not run very far, because I was still doubting about my knee.


My watch was empty and I decided to leave it at home and run around of which I knew the distance. I was guessing the times during the run and it went quite good. I started to feel my upper thigh muscles again around 3km, they were not yet hurting but I decided not to push it. And we walked back home. It was a nice run, I was running faster than expected and happy that my knee was not hurting. But why my thigh muscles were nagging, I do not know…

Friday and Saturday no running and mostly relaxing, cleaning and spending some time together by going out for dinner. And we went to the shopping mall to get the mister some new pants. I guess this is a bigger challenge than any other run. I do not know about you, but buying pants is really not our favorite thing to do. We are always struggling to find the right fit for the both of us.

On Sunday I managed to drag my butt off the couch and head out for a 5km run after lunch. I put on 3/4 pants and a t-shirt and was expecting it to be chilly. When I was 1km in I noticed it was rather warm. I did not want to push because of the struggles I have had the last week with my left leg (knee and upper thigh) and managed to do a 5km run under 30min. Which is just how I was running before. Nothing special, just an average run. But it felt good that I did not feel any pain in my leg. Let’s hope it will stay this way!

This week I will still stick with some shorter distances and hopefully, I will be able to do one more long run in September before October starts.

How was your week? And what are your goals/plans for this week?



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