Krakow Business Run 2018

Last Sunday, the business run was organized. In this run, all big cities throughout Poland are participating and Krakow was one of them.
Multiple teams from different companies are participating against each other during a relay in which every team member runs a distance of 3.8km.
How did this first relay go? Did I manage to run after my 10k on Saturday?

Earlier this year my team signed up for the run. We had to be fast it took less than 3 minutes for the business run to be sold out. Within Krakow, 1100 teams were allowed to participate and we made it. We were even lucky enough to have a total of two teams from our floor to join the run. At that time I did not know I would run the day before. We were going to do a relay of 3,8 km per person, with 1100 teams, 5500 participants.

The day before I did the 10k Tesco Charity run and hurt my knee and could not run fully in the last kilometers. And one day of rest is nothing when it comes to slight injury. The evening before I have cooled my knee and rested. The next morning I got ready.
I met one of the participants already at the tram stop and we continued on our way to our meeting point. When everyone was there the two teams split towards their starting box.
My team started in the N box. The first runner went to the start and number two would be waiting in the box. After every change, the next number could enter the field.

I was the third runner on my team. I told them that i had hurted my knee the day before. What I did not say was that I was scared that running that day would damage the rest of the season. Not being able to run my half marathon or my other runs. But I decided to do my best and keep on running until my knee needed the break.
I started running, I had the stick. We had two supporters, which were cheering when I was in 100 meters and again around 800 meters.
I entered the park and already felt the pain in my knee. Every step it was hurting a bit more and bending was painful. I decided that I found another person and I could walk for 10-15seconds. After this break, I continued again and keep on taking short breaks to give my knee a rest. The last kilometer was approaching and I really wanted to run the full last kilometer. I lowered the pace and kept going.
My knee was hurting, I knew the consequences of pushing because I have been there before. But I wanted to do this, I knew I should be able to do this.

I came to the finish, ran further to the box to change and I could walk out of the race. I knew before I was going to be the slowest, but it did not matter. Not for me, not today. I was just glad that I could still walk and stand on my leg. At the exit, I got my ninth medal this year, found my other team members, grabbed some yogurt and a drink. We made it.


I finished the relay, the time was still better than expected. But the experience was the best. The last time running with my coworkers, but we will run a lot more in the future as friends. We don’t judge each other on time, we share the same nerves before the race and share a laugh after.

I am glad that I had the opportunity to run with them one last time a coworker. And cannot wait which runs we will do together in the future.

Have you ever participated in a Relay run? Or in a business run? How did you experience it?



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