My guilty pleasures.

Everyone has some guilty pleasures, things they hide from others or sometimes even lie about them. Guess what! I also have some guilty pleasures myself. Some might be quite common and can even be one of yours. Want to know what my guilty pleasures are? Then keep on reading.

Let’s kick off with the least embarrassing or weird guilty pleasure. Is crisps. Every girl likes/loves chocolate, at least so goes the rumor. I, however, do not. I cannot stand the smell and I do not like chocolate in general. When it is combined I find it okay, but it is definitely not my favorite snack. I prefer a bag of crisps and if I can pick it then it will be a cheese and onion one. The smellier the better in this case. Might not be the healthiest guilty pleasure but once I start eating crisps it is also a lot harder to stop. One of the reasons why I try not to have any crisps in the house, because I can eat bag after bag and that would kind of kill my running sessions. Once a week we have a movie night and those evenings we are having either a bag of crisps or a bag of salty popcorn. Luckily this is then to share and I believe sometimes I have to live a little.

For your information, this is the only guilty pleasure at this moment, this year that I have and it would be hard to also not have my crispies from time to time. I am not drinking any alcohol, I never smoked, so it might not be that bad in the end.

My second guilty pleasure is online shopping. Do not get me wrong it is not about actually pressing the buy button. But from time to time my hormones make me go to websites, load a lot of stuff in my shopping cart. And then I mean seriously a lot of stuff. Dresses, shirts, shoes etc. And after 2 hours of online shopping I close my browser and do a full internet refresh and gone is everything. A perfect waste of time, a perfect way of not spending my money to stuff I do not really need. From time to time I do shop online and by some clothes. It is just simply easier, cheaper and if you know one of the stores and how the sizes are it is just easy. However, for running clothes and shoes I still head to the stores. And please do not tell me I am the only one that is doing this??

My third guilty pleasure is also in the category of shopping. When I go out shopping- I either buy jeans and a top or a dress. I almost never buy skirts, simply because I do not always know how to style them. In my mind, everything can go with simple black and white. When I get dressed in the morning and I make some skirt combinations I am never truly satisfied and this is how I end up having all kinds of nice skirts in the closets. Of course, sometimes I wear them during the weekend, after getting approval from my boyfriend (I always ask 10times) if everything is looking okay. The only way how I buy a skirt is when I can see it on a mannequin and I buy directly the whole set. I am absolutely horrible at combining skirts and tops. Jeans are a lot easier, especially black or dark blue jeans. Almost everything fits.

My fourth guilty pleasure the same category, but this is about shoes. I always had a thing for shoes. I have a lot of pairs, preferably sneakers nowadays. I have 3 pairs of running shoes and then still my old pairs just in case I go running after the rain (basically I have 4 pairs). When I was a teenager I had a lot of heels (around 20pairs) and I almost never wore them. I still have some pairs, but these I do wear to parties, weddings and sometimes to the office. But still I have a lot of pairs of shoes, I did not count them but I am guessing around 25 and I just ordered 4 pairs more (2 heels for work and 2 pairs of sneakers). I do throw away shoes once they get worse or do not walk comfortably anymore. I have this quite often with sneakers after a year or 6 months if I have been wearing them almost every day.

My fifth guilty pleasure: books. I was studying Polish last year and I enjoyed reading children books. And I have a lot of them in my closet. I still take one with me from time to time to read in the train when we are traveling to Szymon’s hometown. But I always take the same one. Jas I Janecka (Jip en Janneke in Dutch). These are 3-page stories about two kids that are playing together. Luckily I grew up with their stories as a kid because these are the polish translations of the Dutch series and after all these years they still make me laugh. And this is also the level of Polish I can understand now while reading. This October I will start studying polish again with a weekend course of 13 weeks in school. So hopefully after this course, I might be able to read books for kids in the age category of 9 years old. Would be nice to read a bit more than just basic stories.

These were my five guilty pleasures, I might have even more but these five really stand out for me. And yes I am aware they are kind of girly and maybe not even shocking. Maybe I should have a post of things I do that might be a bit disgusting? I do not know, but at this moment I might want to keep those habits to myself.

What is your guilty pleasure?



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