My September plans

Summer will be ending the end of September, but today when I am writing this blog it already feels it is. It is rainy, cloudy and even a bit chilly. Yesterday we had 35 degrees, today we will be lucky if we reach the 20. Luckily you did not come here to read about the weather and if you did I will need to disappoint you. Today I will share my September running plans with you. A lot of exciting competitions are coming up, so keep on reading. And this will be the first time you can finally see some pictures of my photoshoot.


I will kick off September with two runs in the first weekend.

  • 1st of September: The Tesco Charity run.
    This is a ten kilometer run through Krakow, but the starting point is not at the same place as the finish. We will Start at Wawel castle at the Boulevard and we will run towards Kazimierz, cross the bridge run along the other side of the boulevard towards the bridge near Zakrzowek. Cross the bridge and run through a park where we will need to run over a hill and we will finish at Blonia. This run I will do together with my brother, I do not think we will be running next to each other, simply because he runs faster. I am already excited for the run, but only a bit scared for this hill at the end of the race. I suppose the hill will be there around 7,5km. And from my memory, I am not the best hill runner – but I got better so maybe this will go better as well. I am not expecting to break my PR of under one hour and will just do this run for fun.
  • 2nd of September: Krakow Business Run.
    This year I am participating in the Krakow Business Run. I will be running with four people from my office, which are also running from time to time on the Thursday evenings. The run is an Estafette run and every person on the team needs to run between 3,8 and 4,0 km. The hardest thing about this run will most likely be running with a stick in your hand, I never do this so let’s see. Furthermore, you want to do it fast, but it is a lot different than the relay runs I did in high school. The distance is a lot longer and I don’t think I will be able to sprint 3.8km long. I hope at least that the weather will be nice and not to warm.

The second weekend of  September there are no runs planned yet, but I just saw that my brother invited me for a run during that weekend. I am not sure yet if I will be participating. At least have the plans to go running that weekend, because I still need to train for my half marathon.


The third weekend of September there is another competition. During the week I really should be training a bit more or maybe go swimming from time to time. The race is getting closer and closer and from the Friday I will exactly have one month left.

  • 16th of September: Bieg Nowa Huta
    This is a five-kilometer run organized by ITMBW – I Ty Moze Byc Wielki. They organize also the Thursday evening training that I am sometimes joining. This run will be located in Nowa Huta. For me, this is a more industrialized part of Krakow and most of the houses were built in the communist times and have the atmosphere. I was able to convince Szymon to join me for this run so we can run together during this race. We will see before the start if we will run separately or together.

The fourth week of September it will be a more quiet week with fewer runs or shorter runs, but at least a bit more relaxed. In this weekend I will have my last run of the four runs that I subscribed for. I have to run this run and get the last medal so I can complete my shoe!

  • 23rd of September: Zakrzowek
    10km run in Ruczaj (my district) around Zakrzowek, which is an old quarry filled with water. In the summer you can walk around the “lake”, swim here, enjoy the view over Krakow, climb and just relax. This will be the last run of the karnet and I cannot wait to do this one. I love Zakrzowek and always gives you amazing views. However, it is quite “hilly”, loose rocks and will be a more challenging run. Let’s hope it will not be raining the days before and it will not be too muddy. Szymon and one of my coworkers will also be joining this run and it will be our final run together this year. So next to the location, it will also be a great run to do with the people I know which have been motivating me along the way.



All the medals I have collected until today. Hopefully I will get 6 more this year and I have almost double the amount. And the second one on the right you can see that the shoe is finished for 75%.


The fifth weekend of September- yes, September has five weekends this year, I have no competitions planned. Before I wanted to do the three mountains run, but maybe at this moment I am happy I will not. I have a lot of runs already in September and will still need to rest and train for my half marathon. Maybe this run would have been too much and I want the half marathon, my first, to be the run of the year. It will not be my last run this year but it should be my little triumph. I never ran a half marathon before 2018 and I cannot believe how far I have come until now.

What are your plans for September? Will you be running as well? Or going on holidays?



All pictures made by Emilia.

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