When I do not feel like running..

When I do not feel like running. No this does not sound like a hardcore run lover, that is participating in competitions and subscribing to half marathons. But as you could read last week I kind of lost my spirit when it comes to running since my short holiday. How do I cope with this? And how do I keep my endurance up?

After Berlin, I lost a bit of my mojo. Normally I went running quite often after work and this was a part of my routine. However after 6 days I already lost it, I had to get back to daily life. Work, wake up early, come home and manage to prepare everything and also do the laundry after our trip. Then it took three days to get used again to my normal daily life. The weekend came and it was bad weather on Saturday and we stayed in and on Sunday I met with my friend for the photoshoot for my website – So if you will see some good quality photos in the future here, she has made them. Because to be honest, I was getting a bit tired of these selfies.

Enough of chitchatting, what do I do to keep my endurance up, when I do not feel like going for a run? Or it is too hard to get off the couch after some holidays?

To be honest I am quite a lucky bird when it comes to this. I had a hard time getting off the couch and then I saw that my friend was going to teach dance classes again (I was laying on the couch with my phone at that moment). Two times 2 hours of moving around, sweating and using my leg and but muscles. Sorry mom, dad, but the dance classes I am attending is Dancehall and Twerking. I texted my friend to ask about the place and time and I decided to go. I always feel bad when I had to let down a friend, so when I say I will be there, I will most likely be there in 90% of the time.

My first way to keep up the endurance is dancing. I know that twerking in everyone eyes is mostly just shaking your behind, but it is a lot more than that. It is actually quite hard, there is a specific way of doing it and because you are always a bit in a squatting position it is a very good way to train your butt and upper legs. This is one of the main reasons why I like this way of dancing. Do not think I am twerking on the streets or in clubs, no I only twerk inside of the classroom to have a very good leg work out. And a leg workout is rather important with running, simple to lower the chances of injuries. Besides all this, it is rather fun with 20 girls in a class having a laugh and a hard time.

Then there is one more thing that I do from time to time to keep the endurance up. I take my bike for a ride. Earlier this year I was biking to work already, which is around 20km per day. Now I do not do this too often, I get really frustrated sometimes here on my bike when it comes to pedestrians and cars. I come sweaty to work and I will need to change – and thus a lot more laundry, which I do not really like.


Szymon however really enjoys going for a bike ride, so once in a while (like last weekend) we go for a long bike ride and enjoy the surroundings. I enjoy the rides when there are not too many people on the streets, but when we bike along the Boulevard outside of Krakow it is mostly quiet. We stop somewhere sit in the grass, relax and bike back after some time.

And of course, I do my shopping by bike or by foot, which is a work out by itself to walk back home. I live uphill, so imagine carrying the groceries for a week uphill in a backpack. Szymon always joins me and I am just joking that at least now we do not have to go to the gym. Unfortunately, the summer season is coming to an end in around 1 – 1,5 month and that means the smog season will be starting and no outdoor sports can be done really. And we will have to head back to the gym.

What do you do besides running to keep your endurance up? Are you sometimes struggling to keep to your strict workout plans? If yes, how do you deal with this?








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