How did I end up in Krakow?

Most of you already know how and why I ended up in Krakow. But I decided to write something about this just for the people that do not know this yet. And it might include some extra information about why I decided to move.

Let’s go back to the beginning. It is April 2016, my brother invited me over to Radlin, Poland, to celebrate Easter with them. After I had a bit of a rough time in my personal life. I was happy to be away from the Netherlands for a short weekend and to spend some time with my brother again. We did not see each other that often, so this was a pleasant invitation. I slept a lot during the weekend and came back full of energy afterwards. Since I enjoyed my time there I decided to check a flight for later in the year to visit my brother again, I booked my flight in June for a week.

In June, my brother, his girlfriend and I tried out the touristic stuff in the city and it felt like time was flying. Three weeks later when the academic year was ending and I reached a lower point I moved back to my parents. After one day my brother has sent me a message telling me that if I would be interested he might have a job for me in Krakow. I accepted this and started filling out the necessary forms. The plan was just to live in Krakow for 6 months and then well I did not know. I thought it would be good for me to be out of my safe environment to get back on my feet.
After submitting my application I booked my single flight ticket for one week later and already started packing my suitcase. I needed to take only all the necessary things for at least 6 months. I spend the last week with my parents, going for hikes and meeting some of my friends before leaving the Netherlands.

On the 13th of July, I arrived in Krakow and on the 14th I had my face to face interview. I got the job and had one more month before I had to start working. During this month I found myself a place to live, made some friends and explored small parts of the city. A couple of months later I noticed that my master studies was a part of my unhappiness and I decided to quit.

Now two years later I am still enjoying my life in Krakow. And I am not longer working at the company of my first job. Life is a lot brighter for me now and at this moment I cannot imagine when I will leave this city. But in the end we never know.

In the future, I will post some articles about things to do here in Krakow, how I adjusted/am adjusting and differences in culture.



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