Karpacz – Day two

Hi All,
Last time you could read about the first full hiking day in Karpacz, here. We visited Sniezka, Maly Staw, Wielki Staw and Kosciol Wang. In case you missed this one: Karpacz – Day one. Today you can read about our adventures on our second day of hiking when we went to, which were for us less known places in the area.

As for day one, we planned our hike the day before and we decided to take an easier route. On day one we hiked around 25 km and for today we planned a route of only 15 km. We took one backpack, some food, and our books and went on our way.
The first place we wanted to see was Skalny Stol, here there is a collection of rock from which you can have a very nice view. During our hike up here there were barely any people so we could enjoy the nature and here the birds sing.

After 20 minutes we continued our hike to a border city, Mala Upa. When you get off the trails here you can choose. If you turn right you enter Czech Republic, turn left and you will enter Poland. We turned to the Polish side because we did not bring any Czech Crowns. We arrived around lunch time so it was time to have a warm lunch before making our way back.

After the lunch, we still relaxed a bit and started walking again. It took us quite some time before we hit the next stop on the trails. Here we decided to enjoy the sun with our books. Took off our shoes and lay back in the sun and read a bit. Probably in the meantime, we dozed away for a bit and we left this stop after 1,5-2 hours.

Now it was only an easy way down to the apartment, but we felt very relaxed, one with nature. Enjoyed our books and spend the whole day outside. We had dinner and decided to go to bed again early. Because the next day we had to pack again and travel to our next destination: Szklarska Poreba.



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