Help! I lost my spirit..

Today an extra article. I felt like sharing my thoughts and struggles since my short holiday.

On the 7th if August I returned from my 6-day trip. And since that trip, I have lost my spirit. I have troubles getting out of bed, troubles getting off the couch and this is working on my running spirit.

I came back late from Berlin, the day after I started work again around half past 9. I could sleep in but after I came back home I felt like not doing anything. I did some laundry and thought tomorrow I will run. I even texted my brother to go for a run in that evening.

Thursday, I had to work one hour longer at work to train one of my coworkers and after work, I felt really tired. I skipped my meeting with my brother and took a nap on the couch. And this continued even through the weekend.

Monday, the 13th of August. I decided to go to dancing classes from one of my friends. It was just two hours and I hadn’t seen her in a while. The classes were really nice. No pain in my legs or butt and after I was not even feeling tired. I thought great maybe I will go for a run again tomorrow.

Tuesday, the 14th of August. Came home from work, back pains and feeling quite annoyed because of work. This is really one of the worst states you can get home with. I made some food and I was just laying around in the living room and bedroom. Went for a short 15minute walk, but again no running and no sports. I can feel the half marathon crawling closer and closer.

Today, the 15th of August, I did something a bit active. I went to work by bike. Now in the evening, I am again struggling to put on my running shoes. I decided to make a deal with Szymon. At 8 PM we will go for a run together, just a short one and after we will try to use some weights. Maybe this will work.

It’s been a long time that I had this much troubles with getting and off the couch. Hopefully, I will manage the run tonight and after everything will get back to normal.

Did you ever have some struggles after holidays to get back on track? Maybe this is my after holiday “jetlag”?




Update 9.30 AM: I went out for a run alone, after 2,5km I had to quit because something decided to come up or out – depends how you look at it. Szymon ended up picking me up along the way back. I will update you more about this later.

2 thoughts on “Help! I lost my spirit..

  1. I know you can do this! It’s just that you are more tired, less got used to routine maybe[?] Dont forget about Sunday – you did a great job at jumping and running around 😀

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