Things I do not like about running

Everyone in my surroundings knows how much I enjoy running and how often I go for a run. But for everything that you love there are also some things you might not like. Today, you will be able to read about some of the things I dislike about running, these are not in order from the most disliked to less disliked. I just randomized them a bit.

1. It feels like I am the only one.
Sometimes when I am running it feels like I am the only one running in the neighborhood. People are looking weird at me when I am running over the streets on my way to the forest or the park. Luckily, as soon as I hit the park this feeling fully disappears and I can see some other runners. Even though at some days it is still a hand full.

2. Dead Flies.
Yes, running will not always make you look prettier. Occasionally, when I have been running through the park or forest I had some opportunity to eat some extra meat in the shape of small flies – you know these small black ones that do not know how to fly. And sometimes they get stuck in the sweat on your face. When I run back home looking al red and sweaty I also know I might be covered with some small flies on my face.

3. Bikers.
Here in Krakow pedestrians and bikers share most often the same sidewalk. While running this might even make it a bit more tricky. I always bike to work, but when I am running I really do not like bikers. They do not ring the bell and sometimes they are passing you from all sides. Since you cannot hear them coming you might be surprised when they are passing you very closely. I am waiting for the day that I get spooked and sprang my ankle just because of a biker.

4. Chaffing.
Chaffing, the irritation/wounds you can get on the skin when it is rubbing against each other. Yes, I know you can eliminate this by losing fat. But everyone has to start somewhere. I can still remember that during the summer I already had chaffing when I walk walking on my inner thighs. Now it only happens to them when I am going for a run of 10k or longer. Still not very pleasant and very painful. To make sure I have no chaffing at all I am no longer wearing loose shorts, but short tights that reach until 5 cm above the knee. Above all Chaffing can also occur when your skin is rubbing against new fabric, this happened to me lately. I was running in a new shirt and I never had any chaffing at my arms, but when I came back home a part of my inner arms were red and irritated from the fabric. For future reference, I will wear my normal shirts for long runs and my newer shorts only for short training just to get the fabric more softened.

5. Traffic lights.
I love running a longer distance and to make easy routes. I am a person that easily get’s lost. If I can run a route in which I only have to turn 4 times right I would definitely do that. But living in the city and the closest bigger nature park is 3 km away. I will need to cross some crossroads with traffic lights. Traffic lights slow me down, and I am never so lucky that when I approach them they just turn green. Most of the cases they just turn red and then I end up waiting for at least a minute to have a green light again. Of course, I might be able to avoid half of the traffic lights by changing my track, but then I would get lost again and never reach the park.

6. Tan lines.
Yes, another first world problem. Tan lines. I am from myself very very pale, but with running I get a bit less pale and for me even quite tanned. But I still have white feet, two lines of different pairs of socks, a nice tan line on my upper legs from shorts. And after a longer run in the sun this is almost a black line but this dissapears again in 48hours. On my back I am always wearing a racerback shirt and my tummy is still nice and white because it is always covered. Luckily, I did not run that often with my glasses, otherwise I might end up looking like a reversed Panda.

7. Too big underwear.
I might have been aware that you can loose some weight during running (not always a lot). I did not loose that much weight, but some of my underwear became too big. Which means my undies are sometimes dropping during running inside my shorts. Yes, even when I am wearing tights. So I have now my favorite pairs of underwear which I only wear for running, because I do not want to end up running holding my underwear in place. In case you are wondering: Yes I had to do this once… and to be honest it is not very comfortable.

These were my top 7 things, which I dislike about running. There might be some other smaller irritations when I am running, but they are most likely not memorable enough for me to remember them and write them down. And Yes of course I am aware that these are only first world problems.

Which of these are on your list of dislikes as well? Or is one of the things you dislike most about running not in my list? Please let me know!



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