A half marathon… #1

Last December I subscribed for four runs and started training. Five months later I subscribed for my first half marathon. The half marathon in Krakow.

I have to admit I am not running that regularly like every professional runner. I run at least once a week on Thursday if it is not raining. Some races in between and when I find the energy and time to train during the week. I was not happy with that. I knew I can run 10k with this training behavior and I wanted to motivate myself more to train more often. In May I just described for a half marathon in October. This would give me around 5 months to get ready. But until July I did not really start training for this big 21k race.

In June I went on holidays for two weeks, no time for training and when I came back I was mainly getting back to the daily rhythm of work and preparing for the 10k race in Lodz.

From July I started to train a bit more and increase the number of kilometers per week. Since this needs to increase with max 10% per week. And every two weeks a week of the same amount of kilometers.

After the run in Lodz, I needed some time to recover since I gave it everything to run under one hour. But after the run, I still had energy left.

The first week of July I started with a short run of only 4k just to get back in it again. Followed with a 5k run on Thursday and a 12k run on Saturday. But for the half marathon training, it would be smart to do some more training in the week as well. To relief the joints and still train some cardio I went swimming on Friday evening. It felt good and it keeps the endurance in place, without putting the pressure on the joints like running. Total kilometers: 21.

The second week of July I basically did not do a lot. I had a lot of plans but got sick. No sports on doctor’s orders. Luckily I started the week off on Monday with an 8km run home, but due to not running the rest of the week I did not get a lot happier. A part of me wants to be outside at least every day and do something active. Staying at home in bed to rest is really not my thing. Luckily on Sunday, I had some energy to go for a shorter run of 4km. Total kilometers: 12.

The third week of July I started off slow. Monday a 5 km run on a nice pace until the 4th km. At that point, I decided to go into a park, but due to the fallen rain it was really slippery and I had to run a lot slower.  Then I had two days of rest because my stomach was hurting a bit again but on Thursday it is normally my training with the running group, but I was running a bit late. My brother and I decided to run in the neighborhood and we end up doing 12km in 1h 11min. On Thursday I tried something out on a treadmill but it was not working out, did only 2km with a higher speed. But at least now I know a treadmill is not good for everything. On Saturday I woke up early to go for a longer run. Everything was going great and I ended up doing 21K. Sunday was supposed to be a rest day, but after laying in the sun for one hour I got bored. I went back home and did short 5km run in the middle of the day. This week I really ran a lot, and it was almost a 300% increase. Total kilometers: 45km.


The last week of July started off with a rest day on Monday, because I was meeting one of my friends. On Tuesday I decided to go running with my brother and I ended up doing a 14km run. It was quite a struggle at 26degrees, but it made me feel very proud. I had no clue I was able to do this after my 21k run on Saturday. I had some unplanned days of rest due to a lot of social meetings and I really could not get out of bed in the morning. On Saturday evening I went running with Szymon and we ended up doing a 12.5km run in 26 degrees. Gosh, it was warm even though we went running around 9 o’clock. Normal people start clubbing here and I decided to go running, such a big difference from my life last year. Total km: 26.5km

Hopefully, I will be able to finish the half marathon on the 14th of October in Krakow. I don’t mind the time as long as I make it from the start to the finish line.

Wish me luck!



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