A 6 days trip and only a backpack..

If you know me well, You should be aware that I always take too much when I go for holidays. Especially if there is place enough in my suitcase or bag. This time it will be a different story. We are going on a six-day trip and we can only take our backpack.

Szymon and I are going on a six-day trip and visiting two different places. The first stop will be a big Festival in Poland (Poland Rock Festival) in Kostrzyn nad Odra. A three-day free rock festival, which was called Woodstock in the past. We have arranged that we can give our tent and sleeping mats to friends when we will continue our trip to Berlin for another three days. This might look like cheating because we do not have to fit our sleeping mats and tent in our backpack, but otherwise, we would have left them at the festival. The reason why we can only bring a backpack? We will be flying back from Berlin and to reduce the costs, we decided to only take one pair of cabin luggage. Hence, we are flying with a cheaper company they will only allow us to bring a normal size backpack.

I have decided to take my 20L backpack from Decathlon, with the attempt to fit clothes in here, extra shoes, a sleeping bag, and some other necessities. Lucky for us, it looks like it will be nice warm weather so let’s start packing.

Must Haves:
– Euros
– passport
– underwear, 6+1 extra
– 7 pairs of socks
– 6 shirts
– 2 shorts
– 1 long pants
– 2 bras
– toothbrush
– toothpaste
– soap
– baby wipes
– deodorant
– sleeping bag
– flipflops
– towel
– powerbank+ charging cable for my phone
– extra pair of sneakers that I can throw away after

This will be my basic list of things I will need to pack in my backpack and it should fit easily. I will take with me some older clothes and shorts. If they get too damaged, dirty or smelly I would not mind throwing this away. The same of course for the underwear and socks. For guys, it can sometimes be a lot easier. I always have troubles with packing and to fit everything in. Especially when it comes to bras, they take up a lot of space in suitcases and bags. I will be taking only some soft bras this time and yes only two. I believe I can handle wearing the same bra for two-three days during a festival, where everyone is smelly and dirty.

On my way there I will be wearing a pair of shorts, a tank top, and a sweater. And this is all I am taking. Maybe if I am lucky I can squeeze in some sunscreen so I will not come back lobster red.

I will try to make some pictures at the festival and in Berlin. After this trip, I hope that I can share my experiences with all of you!

What would you take if you were going on a 6-day trip and you can only take your backpack?




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