Karpacz – Day one

Karpacz, a city near to the Karkanosze National Park in Poland. A location that not every one of my age would choose to spend their summer holidays. Most of my friends go to sunny places such as Greece, Turkey, Maldives. This year we chose to go to the Karkanosze National park. How did it all start? And how was this trip? Today the first part of our holiday: Karpacz.

Last February after my visit to the Netherlands. I made a very basic presentation of a location where I would like to go for my summer holidays. I wanted to visit the Karkanosze mountains, which are located in the South Western part of Poland at the border with Czech Republic. Szymon agreed and we started our hiking journey in Karpacz.

Karpacz was officially the second city we visited this trip. We started in Wroclaw, the biggest city in the region to visit the zoo. We planned to stay three nights in Karpacz, which meant we would have two full days of hiking in this region before moving to the next.

We arrived by bus around noon in Karpacz and settled in the studio apartment that we rented. After we went out to find the nearest supermarket to buy some food and water for the next two days. We were getting a bit hungry and decided to go for lunch at a restaurant. After seeing the menu we already knew that this was a more touristic place than expected, but we were on holidays so decided to enjoy it for now. We both had a starter and a main course, I believe we never ate this much food ever before. When we came back to the studio we rested a bit and I checked the map if there was a small track, which we could still do that day.

We went out for a short hike to explore the closed track and made a little hike for around an hour. We saw the first waterfalls and found the information where we could buy the entrance tickets for the park.
1 Day entrance: 6 pln.
3 Day entrance: 15 pln.

After our short one hour hike, we headed back made some dinner and started planning our hike for the next day. We decided we wanted to see Sniezka, the highest mountain in the region, another lake and after we would see how much time we had left.

For planning the hikes we used an application on the phone: Hiking map Poland. Here I could create the route we wanted to hike and see how long it should take us approximately. But during the hike, we still took a physical map with us.


And yes, he did all the heavy lifting by carrying all of the stuff for the hike.

On the day fo the first hike we woke up around 6 and started our hike at 7 in the morning. We wanted to do the climbing part before it got to warm on the day. We were happy we did so because it turned out to be 30 degrees that day. The way up was really magnificent, great views and the number of hikers you could count on one hand. We had our second breakfast on the way up.


We made it to the top.

We reached Sniezka, from which you can see Poland and Czech Republic at the same time. And it was quite crowded with tourists, which had taken the cable card up. It was a great view, but we had not a lot of time to enjoy it. We went on our way to our next pit stop, the lake.


The view from Sniezka towards Czech Republic.

The lake where we went to is called Maly Staw. A lot of people are traveling stopping here because of the serenity of the lake.


Time to relax and have a snack at Maly Staw.

It gave us a very nice view and the opportunity to read a bit from our books and have a little snack. On our way down to the lake, we met another couple from the region and they advised us to visit Kosciol Wang, a Norwegian wooden church. We climbed back up to the route and followed the path which passed another lake (Wielki Staw) all down to Kosciol Wang.

We visited Kosciol Wang, together with a German-speaking group. You cannot enter just by yourself and you will need to buy a ticket (8 pln). When you get inside the church they can give you the information in English and they will play an audio tape in either German or Polish. The church itself was nice to see, quite impressive that it was built without any nails.

Szymon and I both thought that it was a bit too touristic for our liking. We enjoyed the lakes and the views a lot more during the hike. After the church, we hiked back to the apartment, had dinner and planned our second day.

The second day we visited a less touristic track, but about this adventure and for the pictures of this day you will be able to read more in the future.

Would you go on a hiking holiday? Or do you prefer to go to sunny destinations?



Please note, that even we are using this application for planning we are still taking a hardcopy map with us made of plastic. You never know when your phone will stop working, you have a bad phone connection. I would suggest that you should take at least a physical map with you. Even if in the end you did not need it at all. Better safe than sorry.

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