A week in my life #1

Today I will show you what I have been doing the past week. I started tracking my week on Saturday the 7th of July and the last day of this week will be Sunday the 15th. Come and have a look!

Saturday, 7th of July.
I wanted to wake up early, but I guess I was quite tired from the week before and woke up around 09.30. I had my breakfast and started a laundry. Waited 30 minutes and got changed into my running clothes. Packed my running backpack, which included my keys, ID, credit card some coins and 150mL of water. I told Szymon I was going for a run, but would not know when I would return. I had a bad feeling about the run and had low expectations about the distance I would be running.


Left the apartment, did a short warm up and started my watch. I started at a slow pace and before hitting the first kilometer I met a colleague. We talked for a couple of minutes and I continued running. It felt good and the further I got the better it felt. I decided to make a bigger round and continued straight instead of going right. Ran up a hill and continued at a steady pace. I finished running a bigger round than I had imagined when I woke up and got home after 12k in 1h 14min.
Unfortunately, on the track, there were traffic lights and a shortstop to drink some water. But I felt really good when I got home and was a bit proud of myself. This was the longest distance I did so far this year. After the run I took a quick shower, we went grocery shopping. And later in the afternoon, I went shopping alone because it is sale season.


In the evening we decided we wanted to go for a grill, we took the grill, meat, and a blanket out to Zakrzowek. But unfortunately, this time the one time grill did not want to work. We stayed to enjoy the sunset and went back home. We heated up the meat in a frying pan and had a little dinner. We decided not to go to bed too late because we wanted to wake up early again on Sunday.


Sunday, 8th of July.
Not a lot of excitement happening on Sunday. Szymon woke up very early and I joined around 7.15. I dyed my hair and had my breakfast. Once ready for the day I took my laptop and started working on my blog. Around 13 we had lunch and decided to grab an ice cream after.


In the afternoon we headed towards the Vistula river with a book and a blanket to enjoy the last bits of the sun for the day.



Monday, 9th of July
Just another typical Monday. Woke up early had my breakfast and a cup of coffee and headed to work. This time with the bus, since it was raining for the whole morning.


During the day I did not make a lot of pictures, but after work, I decided to run home.


The run home is a very nice run for most of the track since it is passing a park and Vistula river. But due to the training on Saturday, I wanted to do a shorter route. This means, unfortunately, that most of the time I was running next to busy roads. But in the end an 8km run done and when I got home Szymon was making eggs for supper.



Tuesday, 10th of July
Tuesday was a bit of a boring day. I went to work by bike, with the plans to go swimming after. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather forecast, I biked straight home from work. I did not want to get caught again in the rain. I am aware that this is not a good excuse for not going to swim, but I just do not want to get a cold. Besides, riding my bike to work and back is already a 20km bike ride. So I can consider this as a small training for a rest day.


When I got home I started working again on the blog and checking with some friends if I could make an appointment for a photo session for the webpage. Because I still need some extra pictures. Especially one for a banner that I have in mind. During the writing for the blog, I took some small breaks to do some basic workouts in the living room, such as sit-ups, squads, hip thrusts, hanging on the pull-up bar and some deadlifts. I haven’t been doing any strength training lately. Tonight it is the perfect opportunity, it is rainy outside and I have the weights at home. It’s time to dust them off and use them again.


Szymon and I were working still quite hard in the evening, both for our blogs, working out and he was as well studying. We decided to order something for once. We ordered a spicy salami pizza. And yes, I am aware not that healthy but I told myself: We also have to live a little. We are both not drinking this year so we can have some unhealthy food from time to time. Tomorrow we can eat something healthy again.

Wednesday, 11th of July
I am guessing that my stomach did not enjoy the pizza too much. After barely sleeping the whole night, running to the toilet. I thought I was feeling better and decided to go to work. I barely made it there and spend the first 15minutes of my working day locked in the bathroom. And yes I am aware this is too much information. My colleague with whom I travel to work noticed this and asked if it was not better to go back home. And so I did… I really do not have time to get sick, but it might be better to rest now and be thankful for it later. Because with not enough energy I will also not be able to train.
Normally, back in the Netherlands, I would never go to the doctor for this on the first day. Here in Poland, you have to, otherwise, it is not a sick leave but just an annual leave. For me, this is still a bit unnatural.

Thursday, 12th of July
Normally, I woke up in the morning and have my oats with nuts and cinnamon. But due to doctor’s orders, I did not have to wake up early and I was not allowed to eat oats. She advised me to eat bread and to consume extra sugars because my brain needs it right now. Luckily, we had some bread in the house (we both normally do not eat bread unless we will have a soup) and I made some toast with butter and sugar.


This is my little childhood favorite. I can remember that my mom always made this for me at the weekend and now as a grown up I still love it. It might only not be the healthiest.
Another disadvantage of this breakfast is that it will leave crumbs, and I was smart enough to have my breakfast in bed. Thursday was another indoor day. Fortunately, I was feeling a bit better and I had some time for writing. Which meant I could write a bit in advance and enjoy my future weekends a bit more.

Friday, 13th of July
Friday was the day that I was a full two years in Poland. Unfortunately, I was still sick not able to go anywhere and in the morning I was still having a lot of pain. Around 10 I was able to get out of bed and decided to do something that makes me happy besides running. I decided to do my nails again. They were in horrible shape and since I had a lot of time to spare I can better make the best of it.

I took my sweet time doing them because it was my first time making extensions and using 3D stones. I am really happy with the end results. But it took me quite some time. In the meantime, I decided to order an electronic nail driller. Just to take care of my nails and feet better in the future. Especially my feet, they are kind of being abused with all my running lately and of course, will be with my future running.


The rest of the day I was watching a bit of series while writing for the blog and continuing my search for a photographer. During my search, I found out one of my friends was as well photographing on the side and decided to write her a message. I asked her if she would like to have a photoshoot with me for my blog and she was interested. We decided to meet next week, I will have time to write down my ideas and what I would like and we are able to discuss what is all possible. I am getting more and more excited now about all this. I never would have imagined that I would have a running photoshoot.

Saturday, 14th of July
I was feeling a bit better on Saturday and we decided to still celebrate my two years in Poland. In the morning we did the grocery shopping and I quickly visited Decathlon and got myself a new sports bra for running. I will write a full blog about this sports bra later after testing.
After shopping, we got ready and went on our way to celebrate my two years in Poland. Szymon planned a surprise for the afternoon. First, we headed to a restaurant: Pod Norenami – a vegetarian restaurant with Asian style dishes. The food was delicious and it was good to eat a bit of normal food again.


We made our way to the Podgorze district and we were walking toward Schindler’s Factory. But that was not where we were going. We ended up in the Museum of Contemporary Art.


A museum with modern art, Szymon normally did not enjoy this kind of modern art museums, but this one he really enjoyed. I will try to write a small review of the museum – some of the pieces were really amazing and sometimes even funny.

We even spent there around 3 hours. After the museum, we walked back to the Vistula river to have a drink and we arrived back home at around 9 in the evening. We watched a horror movie: Feral.

Sunday, 15th of July
On Sunday I woke up hungry around 6. Had some breakfast and some tea and decided to sleep a little bit more. Around 8 I really woke up and got into my running clothes to head out for a short run on low pace. I did not want to run very far. I was thinking about doing  3km just to see how my stomach would feel about it. I ended up doing 4km and decided that would be enough for now. Later this week I could do more again. For now, I felt a bit better mentally because I really missed the running.


After the run, it was time to get ready for the week, by preparing the lunches. We both take homemade lunch to work. In that way, we know what we are eating and we do not have to buy lunch at work. Cooking at home might be more time consuming, but in a lot of cases healthier and cheaper. The lunches were done around lunchtime and I was getting hungry. I had a sandwich since we would have a warm lunch around 2 together, which was leftover soup. The rest of the afternoon I spent writing and researching for the blog and persuading Szymon to cook dinner for us tonight- and that worked.
He cooked a nice vegetarian dinner and after I finished this blog post and we started to watch a movie.

I already have a lot of plans again for this week and a lot of catching up to do due to my sick leave. Hopefully my stomach won’t cause any troubles again.

How was your week?






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