My Past Runs

Today a short post about all the runs that I have done until now. This will include one run from 2016 in the Netherlands and of course all of the runs I have completed until July 2018.

One of the first runs I did was in 2016 and this was the 4 Miles of Sneek. A 4 Mile run in Sneek (a city in the north of the Netherlands). This was the first “competition” run I ever did. This run was held in May and I can remember that on this day it was very very warm (30 degrees). My goal was to finish the race, due to an injury and I did it within the time limit. I completed the 4 Miles (6.5km) in 44minutes and 37seconds. Pace: 7.26min/km.

In 2018, I did a lot more runs. I signed up after Christmas for a series of four runs (5km and three times 10km). During the year more races were added. I still will have to complete the last run of the series, this will be held in September. Until July 2018, I have completed a total of seven runs in Poland.

1. Valentines Day run. (Bieg Walentynkowy).
This competition was held the Sunday before Valentines Day (11th of February) and was a run of 5 km. There were two couple runs and the main run. I competed in the main run. This was the first competition again in two years and I was terribly nervous. Before the run, I didn’t run outside due to the air pollution, so there were a lot of new factors. During the run, I really felt like giving up. I crossed the finish line after 30 minutes and 49 seconds. Pace: 6.10min/km.


Me and my medal

2. Memorial run at the Airplane museum.
This was a 5km run in early March when the temperature was again low (it was around 2 degrees). The run was organized at the airplane museum in Krakow. Even though it was very cold, the run went well and I was accompanied by Szymon. I finished a bit later than him with a finish time of 29 minutes and 45 seconds. Pace: 5.57min/km. After the run, we got a warming soup and a cup of tea from the organization.


Szymon and me

3. Bieg nad Bagry.
The second run of the four runs I had signed up for. This is a 10km run, which takes you around lake Bagry in Krakow. This race took place during the day, and it was already quite warm for a mid-April Sunday. I ran the race together with Szymon and he was so kind to stay with me for the full 10K. We finished with a time of 1 hour 3 minutes and 37 seconds. Pace: 6.22min/km.



We are finishers!


4. Krakow Night Run.
A 10km evening run, which is very popular here in the region. There are around 3500 participants for this event, which are all running with a light, which gives a nice effect. The run goes through Planty (a park around the old town) and leads you next to the Vistula river. With the start and finish at the old market square. This was my first solo 10km run this year and I was really nervous. For my first solo run, I decided that time does not matter, as long as I reach the finish line. I finished after 1 hour 3 minutes and 37 seconds. Pace: 6.22min/km.


Me with my medal

5. Wroclawski Bieg Akademicki.
A 10km run organized in Wroclaw by students. A very nice run, two laps of 5 km but in the middle of the day in May. This made it also a warm run (it was around 28 degrees. I reached the finish line after 1 hour 2 minutes and 34 seconds. Pace: 6.15min/km.



Another medal


6. Swoszowice.
This was the third run of the series. A 10km run in Krakow in the district Swoszowice. I think this is the hardest run I have done so far. A very hilly track, for which I definitely was not prepared. I have the feeling that during this run I was walking more than I was running. And after I was quite upset with myself. I finished with a time of 1 hour 11 minutes and 29 seconds. Pace 7.09min/km.

7. Nightrun in Lodz.
For the most recent run, Szymon and I traveled to his hometown. I subscribed for another 10km run and was less nervous than normal before a run. The run started late in the evening and during the day we bought some extra running equipment. A headlamp. I was really happy with this during the race because it was in a park and not everywhere was enough light. I finished this run in 58min and 17 seconds. Pace: 5.50min/km.



Both happy after finishing the race


Generally, my running pace during training (solo) and the early races have a pace between 6.20-6.30min/km. I am aware it might not be the fastest runner, but I am enjoying it a lot. And that is all that matters. The run in Lodz was in a pace below 6 minutes and the only explanation that I can find now is very simple. Lodz is flat and Krakow is not. This makes a huge difference in my pace since running uphill takes a lot more effort for me. I am curious how my pace will change in time. Hopefully, it will only get faster or at least stay steady for the longer distances.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my past races. I am thinking about writing a bit more information about every race, but I am not sure yet. It might be that I will make some summaries of my future races. Let me know if you would be interested in this!


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