What is AnneRuns.com about?

Welcome again on AnneRuns.com, my personal blog. Today you can read some background information about this blog. What is it about? Why is it named AnneRuns.com? And who am I?

What is it about?
AnneRuns.com is a personal blog about my running adventures through Poland, which take place mostly in Krakow (for now). But hold on it is not only about running, here you will be able to read how I experience living in Krakow, the travels I have done so far and from time to time I might spoil you with a nice recipe.
The plan is to have two posts online per week and perhaps sometimes one extra, depending on my free time.

Why is the blog named AnneRuns.com?
Since Anne is not my real name, it does not make that much sense for all. My real name is Angela and AngelaRuns.com could have worked but I preferred Anne in this case. Mostly because my mom calls me very often Anne, in this matter, I got used to it. Furthermore, it is just a lot shorter and I kind of like the sound of AnneRuns instead of AngelaRuns. For me, it just sounds a lot better.

Who am I?
As you all know, my name is Angela. I am born in 1991 and grew up in The Hague, The Netherlands. So this makes me Dutch and no, orange is not my favorite color. During my High School years, my family and I moved to Almere (a city near Amsterdam) and I graduated in 2009. After high school, I did my Bachelors in Amsterdam and started in 2014 my Masters in Groningen (which I did not finish). In 2016 I had the opportunity to move to Krakow, Poland, for a while and since then I have been living here.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of the background information regarding this blog.



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