The stylish sporty side of me

I never thought I would write about my style, when it comes to clothes or shoes or what so ever. I am not your neighborhood fashionista. I would even say: I am missing the gene that would give you style.

But here I am today, showing my stylish side. The side not a lot of people get to see and will show some outfits as well. But not just some outfits, outfits that I love to wear because they are me.

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Some time for myself

I needed some time for myself. As some might know, I started a diet plan, some trainings with a personal trainer. If not, you can read it here. I have been working out, keeping my diet for around six/seven weeks now. A lot has changed, because life is not static. Things happen and things change in life. Last week I needed some time for myself and to regenerate. I might have failed one week of dieting and one week of “more intense sport” but here is what I did the last week.

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Tortilla with Hummus

As the title says, this recipe is about tortilla with hummus. an easy fast second breakfast recipe. Easy to make and even to take with you on trips. We did this on the Saturday with Easter. And after riding on our bikes for an hour in the sun, the tortilla was a pleasant snack when we took some time to relax in the sun. This recipe is a favorite here in the house

So let’s start making our snack/second breakfast.

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